Transformers Review – Laserbeak (DOTM Deluxe-Class)

            When Dark of the Moon (DOTM) was release in mid-June, many Transformers fans worldwide were extremely excited, partly due to the rumored appearance of numerous popular G1 characters (animations and comics), some of which includes Wheeljack, Mirage, Sentinel Prime, Shockwave and of course, Laserbeak. 
            For those not in the know (which planet have you been living on again?), Laserbeak was one of the Soundwave’s most trusted minions back when the G1 animated series started airing, along with Ravage and Rumble. Even Megatron was very much fond of Laserbeak’s efficiency, as mentioned in the first scene of the 1986 Transformers Animated Movie.
            DOTM looked to re-invoke that memory by having Laserbeak paired yet again with Soundwave, after Ravage suffered an unfortunate demise in Revenge of the Fallen. Laserbeak was actually portrayed awesomely in the movie and personally I think his role as a professional and efficient assassin-of-sort were kinda intimidating, to say the least.
            I’ve been waiting for a long time for this figure to be released, and finally it’s here, so let’s get on with the review.
Alternate Mode:
            Despite being depicted as a multi-changer in the movies (by transforming into various objects such as photocopier machine, laptop computer and *gasp* even a friggin photo frame (!)) and also marketed as being able to transform into a Hover Jet, I personally would prefer to call him it the folded-up mode. Looking at the darn figure, it’s so obvious that it is only a folded up robot mode!
            I have no idea why all of Soundwave’s minions in the movie franchise, despite having such cool robot modes and awesome movie depictions, tend to have the worst alternate mode in action figure form. There’s nothing much that I can talk about the alternate mode, as the pictures themselves may speak a thousand words.
Anyhow, Laserbeak do come with some accessories, i.e. a couple of Mech-tech blaster weapons that can be mounted on the wings, or combined together to form the so-called Dual-barrel Cybertronian Cannon. I really don’t get this mode. Why would Laserbeak need a weapon like this again? Wouldn’t this be more suitable for regular humanoid-robots instead? 
Anyways, this is definitely a less-than-stellar alternate mode.

Robot Mode:
            Look out!!! It’s the attack of the Killer Turkey!!!
            Yup, I know it has been commented by numerous reviewers on the net, but this has got to be one of those things that have to be commented upon time and again… LASERBEAK looks like a friggin’ TURKEY!!!
Well... Ain't this a face that only a mother could love?
            The head sculpt is just WRONG!!! It doesn’t matter if it was movie-accurate, that can only mean that the MOVIE DEPICTION ITSELF was done wrongly. 
            Now that I got that out of the way, let’s continue on with the articulation review: the head and neck consist of a combination of 4 ball-joints and a swivel joint, which altogether do provide a wide-variety of movements; the wings flap up and down; the feather-pieces on each wings have about 4 joints; the hip joints themselves consist of a swivel joint on one end and a ball joint connecting the leg piece; the knees also consist of a set of swivel and ball joints; then finally the tail consist of 3 ball joints and 2 swivel joints. 
            Now despite having a horrible alternate mode and a turkey-head that makes you think that you are playing with your Thanksgiving dinner, Laserbeak really do have a great articulation combination. The numerous articulation points make him such a joy to pose. 
            Each wing also has a rotatable turbine that can only be turned manually – not the best gimmick, but it’s there. Since Laserbeak is a Deluxe-sized figure, I don’t think that you can ever perch him over Soundwave’s arm, but he would probably do just that with a Leader-class Megatron figure. So let’s wait to find that out. 
            Anyways, awesome robot mode.

            Laserbeak is one mixed baggage. His alternate mode is probably the worst I’ve seen in the DOTM line, rivaling to that of Ravage’s in ROTF, but the robot mode (minus the head sculpt) is quite darn fantastic – really good articulation points.
            For those who love the character Laserbeak ever since the G1 days, or even if you are a fan of the movie franchise, then this is definitely one for your collection.

            Final verdict: 8/10. 


  1. What about Frenzy in his CD radio mode. I believe it was a nice alternate mode.

    Hope HASTAK will release a repaint of Buzzsaw.


  2. I didn't mention him earlier, cuz he was paired up with Barricade instead of Soundwave in the movies. Anyways, I also did a review on that guy months ago, you might wanna check that out too...

    Thanks for reading...