Transformers Review – Topspin (DOTM Deluxe-Class)

            Alright my fellow Cybertronians, for today’s review, we will review the second member of the DOTM Wreckers crew – Topspin. Now as far as I could recall, I’ve never seen Topspin in the G1 animated series continuity before, but he was indeed featured in the Marvel UK comics as part of the Wreckers. 
            So far, as far as I know, the name Topspin is normally synonymous with characters that transforms into helicopters as the name itself would suggest.  However this time around, in Dark of the Moon, Topspin is depicted again as a part of the Wreckers, but this time, he would transform into a car instead.
Alternate Mode:
            Being a part of the Wreckers, he would naturally transform into a stylized NASCAR racecar, just as Leadfoot and Roadbuster do – a Lowe’s Chevrolet Impala by Hendrick Motorsports, driven by Jimmie Johnson. While Roadbuster’s alternate mode provides the better disguise befitting the traditional Transformers slogan, Topspin transforms into a highly weapons-loaded version of the car, as depicted in the later parts of the movie. While I normally would dislike such radical alternate modes, I do have to admit that I’ve grown quite fond of this mode, and I would even go as far as to say that it has a better and a more exciting vehicle mode than that of Roadbuster’s. 
            There are 5 detachable weapons that come along with the set, with one of it comes with the actual Mech-Tech gimmicks. While the Mech-Tech weapon is normally placed on the front hood, the placement of the other four weapons is interchangeable. 
NASCAR Sprint Logo
            Just like Roadbuster’s alternate mode, Topspin comes with racing decals as well, with Lowe’s logo, the number 48 and the small NASCAR Sprint logo on the sides of the car. On the spoilers, there is also a small Autobot logo, which obviously depicts his allegiance. 
            As for the Mech-Tech weapon, it looks more like a bow-shaped blaster. By activating the Mech-Tech gimmick, it transforms into a claw-like device, which unfortunately do not lock in. 
            Still, overall, I really like this car mode and he definitely looks more menacing and exciting compared to the blander Roadbuster.
Robot Mode:
           Topspin has quite an interesting robot mode, and having a good set of standout color coordination helps a lot. Similar to Roadbuster, Topspin too has a backpack/ shoulder weapons that he could deploy.
            Articulation-wise: Topspin has ball-jointed head; the arms swivels in and out between the shoulders and the chest; the shoulders themselves are on ball joints; the arms rotate slightly below the shoulders and bend at the elbows; each arms also comes with a set of claws that open and close; waist articulation is available; ball-jointed hips; double-jointed knees (which is always a welcome) and finally, ball-jointed ankles. 
            I would rate Topspin as having a way better robot mode as compared to Roadbuster. The movements of the limbs are not hindered whatsoever by any vehicle kibbles, as predominant on Roadbuster. Unlike Roadbuster, the back of Topspin is much neater, and doesn’t have the whole car roof on the back. 
            There is also blue light-piping on the head sculpt, which is very nice. The Mech-Tech weapon can be mounted on the ports on either arm.
            Again, personally I think Topspin has a way better robot mode as compared to Roadbuster.

            I like Topspin. He’s such a wonderful figure, and definitely a figure that Roadbuster should have been. The standout colors and minimal kibbles help the figure a lot. Now that I have 2/3 of the Wreckers down, I only have Leadfoot to look forward to. Until then, do get your very own Topspin for your fiddling pleasure.

            Final verdict: 8.5/10. 

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  1. The name Topspin was also a G1 toy along with his partner Twin Twist as the Jumpstarters. Had those figures too way back then...Then it got lost in time.

    Btw just bought DOTM Deluxe Ratchet & Starscream last nite. U could give a review of either these two. Looking forward. Thanks.

    Big Daddy V