Transformers Review: Shockwave (DOTM Voyager)

            With the premier of the much-awaited Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon drawing ever so near, it’s only logical for us to review one of the main new characters of the latest installment of the movie franchise– Shockwave.
            When Shockwave was announced as the main villain for the new movie, TransFans all over were ecstatic. To those not in the know, the original G1 Shockwave played quite a significant role, both in the comics and the animated series. In the comics, Shockwave was depicted as a powerful and methodical member of the Decepticons, who regards himself as a far superior leader than Megatron, and it was only logical that he should lead the Decepticons. He was feared by both the Autobots and Decepticons alike.
            In the animated series, his character was a bit toned-down, and he was a willing loyal servant to Megatron, ruling Cybertron in the latter absence.
            After G1, Shockwave would eventually make his return to the franchise during the events of Transformers: Energon, where he was named Shockblast instead due to the fact that Hasbro lost the right to use that name.
            Shockwave would eventually return to fame in the Transformers: Animated series, where he was first introduced as Longarm Prime, before later being revealed as a double-agent, under his real guise – Shockwave. 
            So yeah, Shockwave has and will always be a fan favorite, and it was only befitting that his character was to be introduced into the movie universe. Shockwave looked kinda cool and exciting in the few brief glimpses of him in the latest DOTM movie trailer. So hopefully, the figure will be equally exciting.

Alternate Mode:
            Shockwave transforms into one strange-looking Ground Assault Vehicle (read: Alien Tank). Shockwave sports his traditional blend of colors, i.e. purple and grey, he looks awesome, and also a bit weird, especially the front of the tank which kinda reminds me of some insects jaws. 
            The vehicle mode is quite detailed. Apart from the colors, another nod to the original Shockwave would be the black-colored rubber that stretches from the cannon on top to the cockpit. 
            Adorning atop of the tank are what resembled a blade-like thingy and also a cannon-of-sorts device. The cannon itself contains the Mechtech gimmick, which as you push on the back portion of the cannon; it will open up to reveal two more guns at the side. I just wished that they would’ve added in a projectile feature into it, but then again, it’s really not that big of an issue. 
            Everything locks together very well, and personally I think the various robot parts are pretty much well-concealed. 
            Nice alternate mode. 

Robot Mode:
            The robot mode just looks pretty damn wicked. He looks tough, more muscular than any of his previous reincarnations, and really means business. I like how they designed the chest piece to look a bit rib-cagey, which really blends well with the broad chest. 
            Articulation-wise: the head rotates; the shoulders are on two sets of hinge and swivel that allows all-round movements; bendable elbows & wrists; no waist joint; hips are on tight ratcheting universal joints; double-jointed knees (whoopi!) ; and finally, no ankle joints.
            Make no mistake, despite the lack of certain articulation joints, Shockwave can still provide you with a variety of poses. I like how the designers decide to include the bendable rubber that connects the back of the robot to the gun, harkening back to his elusive original incarnation. However, it does affect certain movements in the arm as well, but then again, you have the options of just detaching the whole thing altogether. 
            It’s also worth to mention that the single eye-ball on the head sculpt has light-piping features to it and looks darn awesome. 
            The transformation sequence is also pretty darn simple, you would most likely be able to transform it at get go. Heck, I can show you several more Deluxe-class figures (especially those from the Generations/ Reveal the Shield lines) that have more complicated transformations than this.
            Awesome robot mode.

            Altogether, Shockwave is one cool figure, worthy of any Transformers/ Bayverse-TF/ Shockwave collections. Based on the hype and the action figure alone, I’m really looking forward to seeing Shockwave in action in the upcoming DOTM movie. The best part of this figure would be his articulations and numerous homage to G1 Shockwave.

Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9/10. 


  1. Shockwave! the lighting single eyeball on the head indeed looks awesome!

  2. Wow! Yeah!
    I'm feeling much younger now.....

  3. Between this shockwave and the dotm voyager megatron,which one do you think is better...?

  4. Well, in terms of intuitive designs and aesthetics, I would go for Shockwave. On the other hand, Megatron definitely has a much better disguise mode than Shockwave, and this is definitely the best Movie-verse Megatron so far. So all things considered, I'd probably vote for Megatron, who wins by the whisker...

  5. I prefer to leave the feet open, so the threads are more revealed in tank mode. It looks badass that way.