Transformers Mini-Review - Hunt for the Decepticons Legends-Class G1 Megatron


Based on G1 Megatron.

Alternate Mode:
Side View (Right)
Orange-tipped, based on US regulations.
Back View
The finishing of the area above the handles aren't quite as clean.
Top View
Top part quite detailed, but with a little bit of kibbles.
Side View (Right)
No functional trigger.
Front View
Robot Mode:
Robot Mode
Cartoon-accurate look.
Back View
Back looks clean and neat.

Side View (Left)
 Thin robot mode.
Side View (Right)

Good articulations. No elbow or waist joints. Nice hips and knees movement. Head doesn't turn.
Optimus Prime & Megatron
Optimus Prime vs Megatron

Weak-looking gun mode, but with a great robot mode. 
Recommend to purchase if have extra cash or if have a thing for Legends-class figures.

Final Verdict: 8/10


  1. Arrrgh! Never did had the chance to buy the other figures in this wave, except for Meg & Starsc, I passed the chance to buy it. Now after seeing your collection and review, make me regret for not getting those 2...

    Big Daddy V

  2. It's a neat little figure... nothing fanciful, but ain't bad at all...

  3. where can i find these 2 figures in malaysia? or in johor to be exact?

    1. I bought mine in Malacca last year, now, I doubt u still can get these guys in any shop... U might as well resort to eBay, that's probably ur best bet...

    2. err,thank you...i've been to hobby shops around jb but couldn't find any...only the TF Prime and the movie batch feeling sad