Transformers Review: Convoy (Masterpiece MP-01 Last Shot)

            Normally, I don’t do review twice, and that include remolds, unless it is really worthy of mentioning. MP-01 Convoy (Last Shot), or from this point forward, Last Shot Prime, does fall into the latter category.
            He is Convoy/ Optimus Prime, for crying out loud!!! This is literally, the face of the Transformers franchise we’re talking about here – no questions asked.
            Anyway, as most of you might know by now, this particular mould has been reissued repeatedly by both Hasbro and Takara-Tomy.  Takara-Tomy have previously reused/ reissued this mould 6(!) times, i.e. MP-01 Convoy (Original, Gold Version & Black Version (I like to call this one as Nemesis Prime)), MP-02 Ultra Magnus, and finally, MP-04 Perfect Edition (Original & Sleep Mode). Hasbro, on the other hands, has used the mould twice in the form of 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, and the 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime (DVD Edition). 
            Now, since I have previously reviewed the 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime (DVD Edition), which you can access via this address: 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime (DVD Edition), I won’t be reviewing in details the articulations and common features shared by these two reissues. This time around, I would only be reviewing the additional features and improvements made on this particular figure.

Alternate Mode:
            The truck mode looks spot on, and to be honest, it feels equally as hefty as DVD Prime. The colors are a lot more vibrant, and I guess it tallies with the price. The smokestacks are evidently longer, and there are more chrome used, such as on the front grill & grill, the rims, smokestacks and also the side gas tanks.
Robot Mode:
DVD Prime vs Last Shot Prime

            What more can I say about the robot mode? The aesthetics are all the same, but the colors are very, very vibrant here. The longer smokestacks at the shoulder really add that oomph factor. Apart from the colors and smokestacks, one thing that was evident was the tightness of the joints and the overall construction of the figure. Somehow the screws and body pieces sticks together more tightly than on DVD Prime’s. QA/QC issues maybe?
            Another significant difference is the “Last Shot” marking on the little of Convoy’s back. I don’t what do they meant with “Last Shot”, but I guess it has something to do with this mould being used for the last time here. 
            Standing at about nearly 12-inch, this is a very menacing figure.

            Just as with DVD Prime, Last Shot Prime comes with a small Megatron replica in gun mode, the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, the Energon axe, the Ion Blaster and the Electronic Display Stand. Unlike the DVD Prime’s display stand, which “boasts” Peter Cullen’s voice, Last Shot Prime boasts the voice clips from Genda Tessho, who voiced Optimus Prime’s character in Japan. 
            The stand is black in color and at last count, I think it contains about 16 different voice clips. 
            Last Shot Prime also comes with the mounted com-link unit on both arms. On the left we have Bumblebee reporting in, and on the other, Starscream, probably trying in vain to broker a deal with Optimus to try to sabotage one of Megatron’s plans. 

            What more can I say? Just like what I’ve said about DVD Prime, the same can be applied to Last Shot Prime, even more!!! I still believe until now, that this is literally the best Optimus Prime mould ever made and designed. This particular figure is literally a real-life masterpiece, and definitely should be the center piece of any collection.

Shame on you for calling yourself an Optimus or Transformers fan if you don’t have either one of the MP Convoy variants.

            Final verdict: 10+/10. 


  1. Another thing to note bro, the box housing the figure can be folded into a cardboard trailer. Same goes to MP-02 for the carrier mode.

    Awesome review!
    Big Daddy V