The Family (Updated Feb 2011) - Pics

Hello Cybertronians,

Today I would just like to share with you my very own collection, which I have started since 2004. It has been a labor of love, and a childhood dream came true. I have always loved Transformers, and I have always wanted to collect Transformers since I was very young, which I couldn't do so due to financial constraints. And now, I am proud to call myself a TransFan and a Transformer Collector. My collections, nicknamed "The Family", in the photos that you will see, consist of 200 or so action figures, excluding some 100 or so knockoffs.

I hope you'll enjoying looking at my collections as much as I've enjoyed collecting them.

G1 Megatron

Rack 1 Shelf 1

Rack 1 Shelf 2

Rack 1

Rack 2 Shelf 1

Rack 2 Shelf 2

Rack 2

Rack 3

Rack 4
Rack 4 (A)

Rack 5

Sky Lynx

Table 1 (*Note: There is also a Voltron in there)

TV Top

Thank you...


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